See the book come to life in 3D or experience the story without the book.

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Two Left Feet wins at the Mobies "BEST NEW APP 2013"!
"Best New App 2013" + "Children and Early Childhood Development Apps". design100 AUSTRALIAN MOBILE AWARDS, October 2013
Two Left Feet receives Editors Choice Award!
"CTR's Editor's Choice Award are given to only the highest quality children’s products in the interactive media category. These are “no fail” products, worthy of their cost, and able to keep children engaged for days at a time." CHILDREN'S TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
"Augmented Reality apps are nothing new, but finding ones that work quite as seamlessly as this does is rare." full review + interview
ALEX KIDMAN, Gizmodo – "Resin Turns Two Left Feet Into Something Magical"

"The idea of enhancing the book-reading experience with augmented reality is a brilliant one." full review
MICHELLE STARR, c|net – "Two Left Feet: an AR pop-up book for the digital age"

"It's not often that a seasoned app reviewer can be impressed or experience the 'Wow' factor in a new app... Two Left Feet is one of those rare apps that can and will WOW new audiences. Ultimately, the story and effects in Two Left Feet are really top notch, so if you own the book already ... you MUST download this app. And if you don't have the book? This is an app most-definitely worth checking out. Just printing the canvas may be enough to get you to spring for the book - it's just that unique!"full review
CARISA KLUVER, Digital Storytime

"Pioneering augmented reality app launches from Adelaide studio" full review
LEIGH HARRIS, MCV Pacific - The market for computer and video games

"I am very excited to see this new app breathe life into Rufus and his friends. I hope it will bring lots of extra enjoyment to fans of Two Left Feet, and introduce many new readers to Rufus too."
ADAM STOWER, Two Left Feet book author and illustrator.

"We’ve seen quite a bit of Augmented Reality related to books, but we’ve not seen something quite as spectacular or as engaging as TWO LEFT FEET."
Louise Sherwin-Stark, Managing Director. Bloomsbury Publishing.

    About the app

The app brings the book, Two Left Feet by acclaimed UK Author and Illustrator Adam Stower to life. Through the use of 3D augmented reality (AR) technology children can bring new life to the book or experience for the first time without the book.

The story takes place in a fantasy world where monsters live, monsters who love to dance. The monsters live in a ‘dungeon world’ rooms carved into the cliffs of a mountain that atop is the Glittering Palace, home to the King and the location for the Grand Ball.

Children will learn about how our differences are often the things that make us special through the lead character Rufus who loves to dance in spite of his Two Left Feet.

Available on the App Store Available on the Google Play Store

Hardcover Book

Hardcover Book
We have a limited number of hardcover copies of the book, Two Left Feet on sale for $17.99 AUD this week (SALE EXTENDED! - MRRP of $27.99 AUD) plus shipping. If you would like to purchase one select the correct option below for purchases within Australia or the rest of the world.

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  • The app doesn't work?
    Please don't panic, from all the copies sold there has only been a couple of users who have had a problem running the app. This can be pinpointed to two conditions. If you are running an older version of the system you will need to update. The app works on any version of iOS6 and the new iOS7. If you are still running iOS5 it's time to update, sorry! The other is people using older iPad's. Two Left Feet requires as a minimum; iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S (or iPod equivalent) or newer. Unfortunately the iPad 2 doesn't have the resources to run the 3D mode.
  • Download the Two Left Feet Canvas
    If you do not own a copy of the book you will need to print a copy of the canvas to experience the app. This also comes with the app. Download and Print the CANVAS.
  • Do I need the book?
    No. You can enjoy the 3D augmented reality experience either with or without the book. The app is designed to work for people who already own the book (you do not need a new copy) and people who do not own the book.
  • I own the book, will the app work with my copy?
    Yes the app is designed to work with all copies of the book. There are no special codes for the technology to work, simply start the app and start exploring the pages to bring the book to life and hear the story narrated.
  • I don't own the book.
    If you don't own the book you will need to print out a 'canvas' that will give the app what it needs to start. The story will then unfold narrated with a 3D augmented experience for your child. You may decide to buy the book later, but it is not required.
  • Why should I get the book.
    Whilst users without the book can experience the full narrated story and experience the 3D augmented reality animation. There are additional augmented reality experiences for the book owners.
  • How does it work?
    At this stage the app has been released for iOS. Once you've purchased the app from the Apple App Store you either need your copy of the book or to print out the 'canvas'. The app will use either of these to locate the surface and then your child can start exploring the world and listen to the narration of the story.
    note: Andriod release will be subject to the success of the iOS version.
  • Will it work on my iPad, iPod or iPhone?
    Yes, if you are running iOS 6 or later the app will work. It should work on any device running this iOS, older devices may not perform as well as newer devices. It is also developed to take advantage of the retina display. The app has been tested successfully tested on iOS 7.
  • Share images.
    The app allows you to take images and then share them using email and social media. Simply press the share button on the screen interface and select your preferred method of sharing or simply save to your photo library in the camera roll.
  • boooKAPP – The modern day pop-up book™
    Two Left Feet uses boooKAPP™, a technology platform and production pipeline for delivering 3D animated interactive book apps. The technology uses augmented reality (AR) to deliver a truly 3D experience. Learn more about boooKAPP
  • About the developer.
    The app was developed by Resin, an Australian animation and visual effects studio. Resin is a boutique animation and visual effects studio. They have produced work for companies including Disney, Braun and EA and have worked on films including Where the Wild Things Are and Red Dog.
  • History of the development.
    One of the company owners had the book for his child and thought the story would translate wonderfully to animation and set about obtaining the rights with the publisher, Bloomsbury. The project was conceived and funded without any outside assistance and is the result of around 12 months development.


    "We have put a lot of love into this and we hope your children enjoy the experience and take something away from the story like I have when reading to my children."
    Grant Lovering, Creative Director, Resin.


    "What I love about this is it is bringing new life to something that people already own, love and are familiar with. If they own the book, they don't need to go out and buy another copy. As their children grow and become interested in playing with the iPad or iPod they can further explore the story and find new things each time. It's an amazing technology and project we are really proud of."
    Lincoln Wogan, Managing Director, Resin.

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